Windows, Doors, and More!

Simon’s own words express our enthusiasm:

This  is the year  of finishing the task !!!!!  God is good…all the time  and that  is his nature!  Give me high five! I want  to  let you  know that  God in working.  After a number of years, we have great progress on this historical  building.  I am sure it time to finish the task. We have  the  windows in this historical pediatric hospital–and the only one in the country of Rwanda.  The children of Rwanda will wonder where on earth they can have such facility,  but it is very Biblical.  I was hungry;  you gave something to eat.  I was naked;  you clothed me.  I was in prison; you came to see meI was sick; you looked after me. Thanks for all you have done to look for the funds to see that we get this facility to be what it is today.  May God bless you for all your initiatives. Check Out the Rest…


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