New and Old in Rwanda

After our wild  ride to the airport on which we had observed the harsh reality of sudden death, we arrived at the airport only to find that the plane was behind schedule.  We resigned ourselves to a very late arrival in Kigali.  As is often the case, delay did not mean a hard trip.  We met Jonas.  In many ways, he symbolizes the new Rwanda.

Part Kenyan because, as a child of the diaspora, he grew up there more comfortable with Swahili (the trade language of Kenya) than Kiyarwandan, the much more difficult language of Rwanda.  Even Jonas admits is “hard to hear.”  But, amazingly, given recent history, that’s all he’s finding hard.  Like so many young Rwandans, he is a well-dressed, industrious university graduate.  He owns his own transport business and is very willing to share his knowledge with us.  Perhaps we’ll even do business with him at some point.  Jonas represents the new growth and progress in Rwanda.

This is a good time to celebrate the country of Rwanda.  The country has an economic plan called 2020.  The goal…. Finish Reading


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