Are you using all of your data?

Do you have a smartphone? Are you using all of your data from your service provider each month? Chances are you probably aren’t and still paying the full price like I have been doing for the past year. I never paid attention to it until I decided to add another device to my monthly plan, and began wondering what my data usage was. As I was viewing my monthly bills I noticed I wasn’t using half the data I was paying for, and to me that’s money going out the window. Or should I say money coming out of my pocket and going into AT&T’s. I Realized that I do a lot of browsing over wifi (which you don’t get charged for), and there was no longer a reason to continue paying for services I wasn’t utilizing. Thinking, I was going to have to re-sign an agreement with AT&T, I picked up the phone and prepared myself to be “nickeled & dimmed”, but to my surprise that wasn’t the case.

I simply explained what was going on and that I wanted to make some changes, and the costumer service person was happy to help. She informed me that I could make changes to my data limits at any point, and it wouldn’t change my contract in anyway. How cool is that? So my question to is…. How much data are you paying for, and exactly how much of that are you using? Look into it because it could save you some money in the end, and with gas prices on the move again…. Well I don’t think I need to spell it out.


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