What isn’t there to say about Leroy Toliver…

If you were to ask an individual who knew Leroy Toliver to describe him, they wouldn’t have anything bad to say. I remember Leroy being one of the first individuals greeting me upon my first visit to Sugarloaf UMC. I remember getting a weekly hello with a (bear hug attached) every Sunday morning. Leroy, always put others first, and was always willing to lend a hand. He was one of the key members that helped plant Sugarloaf UMC, and last night I was thinking…. If Leroy wasn’t one of those members, would SUMC be where it is today? Possibly, but would it have been the same?  I will never know. If you were to talk to some of the youth at SUMC, you would eventually find out that Leroy was a giver when it came to missions. He was always willing to sponsor youth when Mission Trip time came. He wouldn’t just sponsor one but would go the extra mile and sponsor multiples. Giving back and being the Hands and Feet of Christ was a big part in his life. Several months ago Leroy got wind that I was in the process of completing my Eagle Scout, and from that point he was always very encouraging. Every time we spoke he would ask; “how’s the project coming along Anthony, and is there anything I can do to help?” I would always give he the latest update, and he would always smile and encourage me to keep going! On December 30th, 2010 I sat for my Eagle Board of Review, and passed successfully and Leroy was one of the individuals I contacted first! I’m truly grateful that Leroy took the time to be apart of my life, and I’m sure many others felt the same way. One of the last images I had of Leroy was on a Beautful Sunday afternoon, leaving the church parking lot in his brand new Cadillac  convertible XLR, with his wife (Linda) by his side. Thats an awesome life if you ask me =D. I raise my glass to you my friend, you truly ran a great race!

Your friend,



2 thoughts on “What isn’t there to say about Leroy Toliver…

  1. Anthony, It’s incredible to read what you just wrote…appreciating what someone else has poured into ones’ own life. Leroy was an amazing man, and his wisdom, a piece of him, lives on through you, as is evident in what you have written about him. GOD Bless You Both… Mrs. Austin

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