What a night

Tuesday nights usually consists of Basketball practice, quick run to QT for my drink & combos, and then off to scouts. I did everything in that same order tonight, but leaving scouts was an entirely different story.

A Good friend of mine (Stephen O’Brien) is a singer at Perimeter Church, and has band practice on Tuesday nigh. We usually park right next to each other, and catch up on the way out to our cars. But tonight was a little different. Everything went in that same order as it usually does, but the time spent sitting in the parking-lot was shocking. I still con’t figure out who or what kicked off the conversation, but Stephen and I got to talking and just couldn’t stop. After a while our ADD kicked in and one of us decided to look at a clock, and come to find out that it was going on 11 o’clock. How was that possible? Despite the time we continued talking, forgetting that our parents would soon wonder where we were and what we were doing. I believe that I learned a lot more about Stephen tonight, and i’m sure he can say the same thing about me. Over time I have realized that long communication with close friends is always a good. Thanks O’Brien!


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