Fun in the Sun

The Teen Team has finally done something of our own! The team is proud to report that we have completed our first summer camp. We had about 15-20 kids everyday. It was a wonderful experience and was beyond fun. The kids were from the ages 5-11 and were truly wonderful. We have six people working on the camp; Mira Munro (Steve Munro’s Daughter) and Mary Pence (Anna Pence’s sister) plus the Teen Team. All of us were excited to be apart of the camp. It was very successful and encouraging for our team.

We named the camp “Fun in the Sun Summer Camp”. It was a blast! Every morning we all got up an extra our early grabbed our coffee and headed over to the camp early. We have all grown passionate about children and our mission. The camp was a week ago and know we are all in major camp withdraw! Next year we plan to do the camp many times instead of once.

The purpose of the camp was for raising money to help pay for Anna Pence’s and my trip to Africa this August. We made $1293, which helps the trip fees a lot! It was a huge blessing. Every family involved in the camp touched our hearts forever, and we are grateful to each of them for making this work out. Thank you to all campers and families!

This article was written by Anna Sasser


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