Ok, so today makes the 4th official day I have had to go without a personal cell phone. Earlier this week my iPhone decided it was going to quit working…. now I can’t blame it was on the verge of dieing for a quite a while. I’m actually surprised the darn thing lasted this long!! So for the past few days I have been on the hunt for Apple’s new iPhone 4. I have called several stores in my area, and even stores that were within a 100 mile radius. I kept getting the same four answers…..

1. Yes we do carry the iPhone….

2. No we don’t have any iPhone 4’s….

3. Maybe we will get some in….

4. Would you like to sign up on our waiting list? By the way…. 50 people are ahead of you….. HAHAHA!!

Anyway moving on….

I finally found a Radio Shack in a “Classified” location that was getting them in on a daily bases. I got very excited when the gentlemen assured me I could get one today. Well guess what…. the day I need one, is the day they don’t get them in. Just my luck…. So I was explaining to the gentlemen over the phone my problem, and he told me that I will “probably” get one this Tuesday. Not getting my hopes up I told him thank you and have a nice day. Not really sure if  i’ll end up with my iPhone 4 or not, but ether way I will let you guys know.  On the plus side… My friends Barry & Rachel are in town for a month, and i’m really looking forward to catching up with them!


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