Living with Autism

Handling everyday life with an autistic family member can be very like dealing with any regular child in your household to some degree. Most individuals are going to have their likes and dislikes in

regard to food and clothing choices, as well as having issues with brothers or sisters, if they have siblings, and dealing with teachers and classmates if they are of school age and are functional enough to attend. Many challenges that face a parent or other family member when dealing with their autistic relation are simply a matter of trading certain conventions for a more creative and novel approach to tackling your routines.

Handling Meal Time

Something as basic as meal time might be considered a challenge by many. This does not necessarily need to be the case, however. For example, if the autistic child or adult insists on having a peanut butter sandwich every day without fail, even if it is for breakfast instead of lunch, allow them their preference. At least they are eating something fairly nutritious. Even otherwise normal people can get incredibly fussy about diet and the best advice is that as long as the food choices fall within nutritious guidelines to some extent this is not a battle you wish to wage. As long as there are sufficient vitamins and other nutrients supplied and consumed that is all that really matters.


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