Book Giveaway: Deep Church, by Jim Belcher

deep churchReverend Jim Belcher has a new(ish) book, Deep Church. Today we’re giving away 5 copies on the blog.

Deep Church addresses the growing rift between what he calls the Emerging Church and the Traditional Church. He fairly represents the concerns of both sides, where they differ and describes a third way – the Deep Church.

Tim Keller Said “Jim Belcher shows that we don’t have to choose between orthodox evangelical doctrine on the one hand, and cultural engagement, creativity and commitment to social justice on the other. This is an important book.”

Matt Chandler publicly endorsed this book from stage at a conference he spoke at last year (which is where I heard about it).

Deep Church is written for those who find themselves agreeing with aspects of both sides of the debate and are confused by the tone of the dialogue. They don’t know who to trust. Is there a third way?

Deep Church has also been written for those on the outside who want to understand the debate. They are new to the conversation and want to understand what all the excitement is over. They have heard of the Emerging Church but have no idea what the term stands for or what it is advocating.

This is a great book! We’re giving away 5 copies today!

Here’s how to win:

1) Tweet this: Comment here & WIN the book “Deep Church” (endorsed by Tim Keller & @MattChandler74)

2) Comment below with your twitter name (to verify step 1) & another book you recommend (just for fun).

3) at 4pm EST, we’ll choose 5 random winners from the comments below!

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