Application of Bag Balm to Cure Mites


Being a new owner of three male guinea pigs, I was surprised by how much fun they could be for the entire family. Our family started out with two cavies, and we soon went up to three. With that new addition, we expanded our cage and worked on figuring out the most effective and cost effective bedding products. These were pretty easy to figure out, but what we didn’t expect was discovering that Justin our curly haired cavy having mites. This was very stressful for our family since were we leaving on a week long vacation when his mites were discovered.

I checked with our local pet stores, but no one carried products to rid our cavy of mites. In doing research on a cavy site, I found the Ivermectin could be used. However it was difficult to locate in a short time frame and I was not comfortable in its administration. So my search continued, and I located an article on the use of Bag Balm.

Since I was familiar with bag Balm, from owning horses, I felt comfortable with using this treatment and then going on vacation. The process was extremely easy.

First we bathed the cavy and made sure he as dry. We then used Q-Tips to apply the Bag Balm over all of the scaly patches of skin. We did this treatment twice a day for 3 days.

The results were astonishing. After the first 24 hrs, there was a noticeable improvement. The scaly areas were clearing up. Our cavy had more energy and he was eating and drinking more. By the third day he was enjoying the lap time for his treatment application and the itching had almost subsided.

Upon our return from vacation, our precious cavy Justin was in great shape. His hair was beginning to grow back in. His skin was no longer itching and flakey. There were no more signs of the pesky mites.

Signs of your cavy having mites

Itching – the cavy will continually scratch their skin

Flaking/Scaly patches – their skin will show signs of being thick, scaly and flaky

Open scores – from the mites burrowing under the skin and the cavy scratching

Hair loss – your cavy will begin to loose hair in the effected areas

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