Tips from a Homeschooling Mom with a Well Socialized Child

The following article was written by Delana Cotton

For the past 3 ½ years my oldest child has been homeschooled. During this time I have found that many individuals have been concerned with him not having the socialization skills that public schooled children are proclaimed to have.

Looking back over his 17 years of life, I’ve found that he is actually more socialized then he ever was in public school. He has more friends and the type of friendships that will follow him into adulthood. I attribute this turnaround in his socialization, to the programs he has had the opportunity to take part in during his homeschooling years. Many of which were only possible because of his homeschooling. So when I am asked if I think homeschooling children causes a lack of socialization, my response is it depends on the children and activities they are in.

If you are looking for ways to help perpetuate healthy socialization skills in your homeschooled children here are tips on where to locate programs. These can be excellent resources in that they allow your youth to meet and spend time with individuals sharing their same interests and passions.

Homeschooling Tips For Healthy Socialization Skills

Homeschooling Socialization Tip 1 – Have a conversation with your child and determine their interest. Once you have figured out where their interests lay, check with your local parks and recreations, churches, boys and girls clubs and scouting troops to see what activities match your child’s interests.

Homeschooling Socialization Tip 2 – If your child has an interest in the Arts, Theater or Dance and these are not offered through your local parks and recreations you can contact your local art galleries and local colleges.

Homeschooling Socialization Tip 3 – If you have a local church, check out their youth programs. Many of these programs are well organized and offer many wonderful activities from bowling, movies, general fellowship, mission trips, sport activities and much more. Finish reading Delana’s article


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