Carl steps up!

Dr. Carl Hasting was asked and has accepted a position on the board of directors for the Council for Responsible Nutrition! Reliv has been a member of the Council for Responsible Nutrition for some time and this is a huge honor and another example of the strength of character that Reliv and its leadership demonstrate.

What is the Council for Responsible Nutrition you ask? Well this is what it says on their website:

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), founded in 1973 and based in Washington, D.C., is the leading trade association representing dietary supplement manufacturers and ingredient suppliers. CRN companies produce a large portion of the dietary supplements marketed in the United States and globally. Our member companies manufacture popular national brands as well as the store brands marketed by major supermarkets, 15138_170119294855_501019855_2917261_2561227_ndrug store and discount chains. These products also include those marketed through natural food stores and mainstream direct selling companies. In addition to complying with a host of federal and state regulations governing dietary supplements in the areas of manufacturing, marketing, quality control and safety, our 70+ manufacturer and supplier members also agree to adhere to additional voluntary guidelines as well as CRN’s Code of Ethics.

It’s mission:

To enhance and sustain a climate for our member companies to responsibly market dietary supplements
and their ingredients by maintaining and improving confidence among consumers, media, government leaders, regulators, healthcare professionals and other decision makers with respect to our members’ products.

How many members:

Approximately 80, including voting and associate members. A complete list of CRN member companies is available at

What does it do:

CRN provides its member companies with expertise and action in the areas of science, regulation,
legislation, communications, and international affairs. CRN takes a leadership role in advocating for public policy based on sound science and the ability for consumers to have access to a wide variety of high quality, safe and beneficial dietary supplement products.

According to the Better Business Bureau:

NAD (National Advertising Division), with the support of the Council for Responsible Nutrition, has dedicated an attorney to a special program to monitor the truth and accuracy of dietary-supplement advertising.

This is really exciting and an incredible shot in the arm for both Dr. Carl Hastings and also for Reliv where he is the Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer!


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