Antonio Macilau

IMG_1409Dear Brother and sisters!!!

There is nothing good that to wake up and see that everything looks good around you. I want to thank God for the gift of life and protection upon me and my family. Its a bless for me to see a new day. I know that there so many people in the World that wished to see this day but they couldn’t because of different reasons.
Yesterday I went to Church with my family but something interested happened while I was on a meet with the Senior Pastor and the District Superintendent. Two weeks ago I preached during the Youth district Conference and One of our member whom I dont know him well because Im still new in Chimoio he also attended the service and after that we always comment about the sermon with his family.. On monday he went to work and he also commented about it with his colleagues and when came back home while he was talking with his wife started to talk about the sermon again and he said to his wife, I never heard a sermon like that. Im real blessed. After that he told his wife that he was not feeling well. But the good things is that he never stoped to comment and he said next week I will tell that young man that you did a good job for my spiritual life. He continue telling his wife that was not feeling well and the following day went to work and died on his seat. I heard about his death but i couldnt go to his funeral bacause  I travelled on the same day to Maputo for my visa. Yesterday the wife was at the service ans soon we finished the service she looked for me but i was not there because i had a meeting with the Pastor. She went close to my wife and started to cry. People came and asked what is going on? They taught she was sick and wanted a help from my wife. The Surprise is when she opened he mouth and said: Your husband helped my husband to died in peace and I believe he is with Christ. People waited to hear what was that meaning. my wife field bad because she thought I have done something wrong to the husband. She asked? Do you remeber that day when you husband preached on youth conference? My husband never stopped to talk about that sermon and the following day he died on his seat at work without saying good by to any one. When i came from the meeting i just saw people looking t me and my wife started to cry…I asked what happened, i also thought that my wife sick again because last week she was sick…But one of the member started to explain me what have happened. I couldnt resist to it and i was also crying but I say Thank you god because you have used me to save someone’s life.
As Im sharing this email with you my ties are flowing down. I cant imagine how it have happened.
I thank God for that.
May God continue blessing us
Love and miss you
Your in christ


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